Do you know what your cash flow and personal balance sheet look like?  Do you know where you want to be in five years? 

With all you do to get through the day-to-day, you might wake up in 10 years and realize that you’re not where you want to be financially. . . and that it will be very difficult to catch up.  Start making conscious financial decisions and take control of your financial life now.  Let us partner with you on your journey to help you reach the future you want.  
Start your journey with our “Where am I?” assessment.  It’s a 30-minute phone or Skype call to take a glimpse into your current financial situation.  Your investment in this assessment is fully applicable to one of our other packages.

Schedule your "Where am I?" assessment today to get a snapshot of where you are today.  the assessment Comes with a personal balance sheet and get your journey on the path you want.


Option #1

Get Me Started

Without knowing where you are, you can’t know where you’re going.  What’s your current financial situation?  What do your current cash flows look like?  Our “Get Me Started” package will help you figure out your cash flow and budget situation so you can start on your journey. 

  • Two 30 minute consultations on budget, cash flows, and objectives
  • Unlimited access to our financial planning software to link your accounts and track your progress

$497/yr or $125/qtr

Option #2

Get Me Organized

Once you know where you are, you can figure out how to get somewhere. 

  • Russell will come to you (or Skype if more than 75 miles from New York City) for a two (2) hour conversation to do an in-depth review of your financial situation and life objectives
  • Three months later, we will have a 90-minute follow up meeting to check progress and assumptions about your budget and cash flows 
  • Two additional 30-minute, quarterly, follow-up calls complete this package. 
  • Financial planning software access
  • Covers budget, cash flow, taxes, investments, insurance, discussion of legal needs

$1497/yr or $125/mo

Option #3  

Hold My Hand

This is our most complete package.  In addition to everything in the "Get Me Organized" package, you will receive:

  • A full, bound, written plan with SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for each of the planning topics that we discuss
  • Additional calls/meetings at your convenience to help with any personal financial questions you have
  • Family meeting facilitation to discuss difficult financial topics
  • Our initial conversation will focus on your needs and finding a structure that works for you.
  • Adds college and retirement planning, trusts, and more!

$2500/yr+; price based on needs